Accommodation and Camp Site

The base in Terriente a real gem – a basic camp site set in wild forest, at night all you hear are the foxes and red deer, owls and the odd snuffling of wild boars. In contrast to earlier locations I’ve  chosen this site specifically because it is out in the country – making the HISS a ‘whole adventure’ experience. Terriente village is about three kilometres away over the sierras and the nearest village with a shop is 7 kms distant, whilst Albarracín, which has mechanics, supermarket, pharmacy, etc. as well as fuel is 14 kms away.

There is no alternative accommodation at the camp site, so this is a genuine adventure. The ‘facilities’ are open – although the camping is technically closed during the week of the rally they are opening specifically for us! The camp site does not have a bar or restaurant but there is a BBQ unit with terrace type tables.


Prices: at the moment I haven’t negotiated a discount price with the owners, but the prices are very low anyway, working out at €7.50 per biker/tent/person per night, so any discount is likely to be tiny.

There is a bar/restaurant next to the site that is owned and run by the local village. Subject to the same managers getting the contract to run this is 2015 it will be open for us in the evenings, but otherwise it is open over the weekends before and after the HISS.

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