Is accommodation included in the price?
No, however I try to negotiate a special price for the group but this is entirely up to the camp-site owners.

Is alternative accommodation available?
Yes, the HISS locations are selected to be within reasonable walking distance of villages where cheap hotel or hostel accommodation is available. Furthermore, some of the camp sites have alternatives, cabins, hostels, etc.

Big bikes or small bikes?
Although the HISS rallies are geared up for large bikes there is no bar to either types of bikes or riding. Many trails start a short distance from the base camp so smaller bikes do not face long road excursions – although these are usually part of the fun!

Can I bring my bike by van or trailer?
1) Yes, as above there is no ‘bar’ to anyone- Although the essence of the HISS Rallies is about an entire biking adventure, including travel from abroad, if riders want to come on four wheels that’s up to them. And it is useful to have access to extra tools, etc.
2) There are space limitations at the camp sites, plus to be fair to other riders I suggest that other vehicles are parked at the edge of the cam ground that we occupy – so it is essential that I know who is coming by car/van and allocate plots accordingly.

What Maps do I need to bring?
Strictly speaking none, although the route guides and additional maps are self sufficient I strongly suggest you bring the Michelin 1 400 000 scale regional map series:- Nº 577 Valencia and Murcia for the Aragon 2013 HISS, and Nº 574 Spain Northeast for both the Catalonia 2013 and Aragon.

Are the trails available on Satnav?
No, I don’t provide .gpx files although all of the rails are mapped. The route guides are complete with co-ords for the start and finish of all the trails, however, plus essential waymarks where necessary, but if you want to use a Satnav you will have to have a ‘topo’ map of Spain – conventional road maps will not do.

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  • HISS Spring 2014

    June 16th, 2014
    First arrivals at the Aragon Hiss
  • HISS Summer 2014

    September 1st, 2014
    First arrivals at the Catalonia Hiss
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