2012 HISS Rally

The 2012 HISS rally was a hugely successful experiment – the idea was hatched during the summer of 2011 but it was at Barcelona Pat’s suggestion one mild September afternoon to go ahead and do it! I expected about a half a dozen riders, a dozen at most, and was amazed that within a few weeks the HISS was all but fully booked!

The 2012 HISS camp ground

For an idea of what to expect from the HISS take a look through the ‘Official’ HISS Ride Report on the ABR Forum!

Meanwhile, a few ‘testimonials’:

“Wow wot a ride! 
Big thanks to to Simon and Polly, and another big thanks to Phil and Jax for everything you did over the HISS.
Thanks for everyone I met and had pleasure to ride along side with. Had a amazing adventure and cant wait to join some of you in the future on another ride some place.”

Simply Exploring


“Where do i start with the thanks. In no particular order ; 
Simon and Polly, for the Hiss itself. Amasing organising and a bloody decent couple
Phil and Jax for being perfect hosts, putting up with and feeding the masses.
Russ , Thanks for your Help and advice
Tom,Jess,Dean,Steve,Del,Kez,Elle & co,Brian and all the others whose names escape me Sorry! Thanks for an amasing time
Hope to see you all in the future.”


“wow what a trip . i would like to say a big thank you to all who put the hard work in and opened up their homes to a bunch of stinky bikers  
my first big trip and spent with a great bunch of blokes (even the southerners) and made some new bike friends .
i cant wait to ride wth you chaps again and give you lads a chance to even up the honda vs ktm fall and fail count .”


“A big thanks to Mr & Mrs Spanish Biker for making the event possible and for looking after us. Mike and I had a brilliant trip, both off-road and on tarmac.

Thank you also to those who joined us on trails and chatted around the campsite – there never seemed enough time to meet everyone.

The mix of trails were a lot of fun and gave my confidence a boost. I learned I could ride tracks I wouldn’t have normally tried in Yorkshire. The DR and the Serow took it all in their stride. Not bad for 20 yr old bikes with 50yr+ riders  “


Meanwhile , I’ve been spending the winter exploring new venues for the next few years . . .


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