Registration and fees

Registration and Fees:

Fees: The fee includes guidebooks – one per groups of riders and any hospitality, e.g. the Biker’s Farewell Breakfast, tea and sympathy, etc.but not the cost of the campsite. Registration is only confirmed on receipt of a non-refundable deposit and full payment of the balance will de due six weeks before the event. If this is not received the registration will be cancelled and offered to other participants. Once cancelled the deposit is lost although the same rider may re-register but s/he will have to pay the full fee.

There are two ‘Membership’ tariffs: ‘Virgins’ and ‘Veterans’. The fees vary from year to year and are aimed at both covering the costs of running each year’s HISS events plus the costs of exploring new venues for subsequent years.

Once a rider has attended a HISS as a Virgin s/he becomes a Veterans and pay 50% of the HISS fees no matter whether or not they have been to that particular HISS location before

Registration: application is first come first served and is by using the contact form on this blog:. Required information is: ABR, HUBB or other username, name and surname as this appears on your passport (this is for the camp site’s records), email address and contact phone number. Registry is complete only when the payment is received – see below:

2015 fees: I’m exploring a new location in 2015 to be ready for 2016, so this year’s fees are a bit higher: £80 for Virgins and therefore £40 for Veterans.

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  • HISS Spring 2014

    June 16th, 2014
    First arrivals at the Aragon Hiss
  • HISS Summer 2014

    September 1st, 2014
    First arrivals at the Catalonia Hiss